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King Living (previously known as King Furniture) is Australia’s leading furniture retail chain, furniture designer and manufacturer. Established in Sydney in 1977, the King Living brand currently has 18 showrooms in Australia, as well as international showrooms in New Zealand as well as Malaysia and Singapore.

Marius Pelser is the Property and Facilities manager at King Living. His remit and responsibilities are wide ranging: from cleaning, waste disposal, security and parking of each site to managing the office systems, which includes the IT and office equipment. For the latter, he chooses QRS Electrical to ensure all work safety electrical standards are met, including tag and test.

“QRS handled all our data and electrical work when we moved into our new head office, including setting up our new IT space when the team grew. QRS are great to work with, have excellent knowledge and keep us up to standards. I love that I don’t have to call QRS, they are proactive – almost like an extension to our team.”

The pro-action includes QRS keeping a register of all of King Living’s tag and test electrical appliances. “It means they proactively contact me when appliances are due for a test and tag. It may sound a small thing, but having an external partner who is across our needs is a great time saver from our perspective – as well as peace of mind knowing we are meeting safety requirements.”

Pelser says that managing 18 showrooms and international stores can get hectic, “so it is good to know I have a trusted partner across our electrical and data needs who will contact me. QRS are flexible and integrate seamlessly with our IT team.

“QRS really help make my work life easier: I don’t have to police them: they are proactive, problem-solvers, any changes to the standards and they are on it and communicate to me. Plus – and it might sound a small thing but you would be surprised how often it doesn’t happen - they have a great team who take pride in what they do and clean up after themselves. It’s those small, extra attentions to detail, that make the QRS difference.”

We would like to thank you and your team from QRS Electrical on the successful completion of the UPS installation at our office over the weekend.

Your Professionalism, Product Knowledge and understanding of the site requirements made the job run smoothly.

Patrick Tang
, IT manager Overseas Bank

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