Vertiv Smartrow Plus

SmartRow Plus

Intelligent, Integrated Converged
Infrastructure solution for Micro
Data Center applications

The SmartRow™ Plus solutions provide a cost-effective power, thermal management and infrastructure management, to help you achieve your IT objectives regardless of data center size and complexity.

Infrastructure Challenges

Setting up a data center involves lot of complexity with multitude of pain points for
IT Manager like :

  • Ever increasing real estate price/rental
  • Power and cooling cost
  • Upgrade challenges with increased demand
  • Setting up infrastructure in remote location

Failure to properly design and deploy physical infrastructure can lead to under utilized systems, stranded capacity and higher operating costs, preventing you from gaining the full advantage of your data center.


  • Fast deployment
  • All-in-one design and easy to use
  • Suitable for high or low density cooling requirement
  • Low PUE, thanks to the high efficiency ITA2 UPS and CRV+ with digital scroll compressor
  • Integrated power management
  • Local touch panel LCD and remote IP-based monitoring
  • Mobile app monitoring
  • No raised-floor or room required

Banking, Financial and Insurance

Broadcast and Entertainment

Data Center/





Retail and Wholesale


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